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Take advantage of this easy-to-use Contra Costa Country Property MLS Search with map option on our real estate website to locate the East Bay Area Home of your dreams. Provided by Realtor, Elizabeth Russo.

How To Use The Contra Costa Property MLS Search Effectively

Hello, So in the top of my website there’s a link called “MLS Search”, and if you go ahead and click it, this video is a rundown on how that feature works for you. So let’s do some housekeeping here and learn all about it.

So we’re going to start with our MLS search on the screen that we’re on and we’re going to go over this tool bar here of things that my search can do which is super cool. It can do condo townhouses exclusively, or you can just do the advanced search. You can even do a ZIP code search, I don’t know why you’d want to do that but if you need to be in a certain Zip then that’s the way to go.

Don’t forget that you can use the command on your Mac or hold down your control key on a pc and you can pick multiple locations like Contra Costa, you can go to Alamo and then Blackhawk because we’re going to look at some really nice places today.

We’re going to pick no limit cause were going to pretend were filthy rich today; 4 million-nah, were going to pick 6 million. Our property, these are my favorites, condo detached, you have the patio home or villa and the townhomes. I’m just putting that all in there so you can see that there are different options for us and here we have it. My gosh, here’s one for 14 thousand! You'll find the MLS number the subdivision, things like that.

Now, we can go back and look at it on the map, we can zoom in and out on the map, because, if for some reason we wouldn’t  know where this is, find out exactly where we’re living and make sure we’re moving next to our friends. We can refine our search and go back to our search and figure out what’s going on.

If you want to look up foreclosures - this is great. I would take off all of the price limits because there aren’t many foreclosures out there - we have one in the Alamo/Blackhawk area. Heres are all the information you can find.

You want to go back to the MLS search again and let’s say we want to search by MLS number- family member gave us one, we saw it on a website, we go to that link, we can do more and more by putting commas and adding more and more MLS links. Then we come back to the MLS listing that we have, and remember, my website listing pools from the MLS, it’s a Multiple Listing Service that all realtors use. It’s always up to date, If it’s not there, it’s not for sale anymore.

Let’s go in here and say we want to look at all the places that have sold in the last few months, we’re going to click search and there’s nothing there so let’s bring our sold’s down a bit and within the last 3 years. Okay, we have a few sold in the last 3 years. We want to refine our search say to an address search; on Zillow we found some sort of address that’s a pre-foreclosure and we’re going to want to search by that address to see if it’s still for sale. We would highlight the address here, copy it and bring it over here and paste, search- there is a 122, but we’re looking for 125, so if you can’t find it here it’s because it’s not for sale.

At some point I’m going to ask you to be my friend and sign up for an account. If you’re already a user you can go down a little further and click already signed up or just click “sign up here”. We’re already members so fill in the email address, phone number, and we click “log in”.

We’re going to add this to our favorites because we like this one, even though it wasn’t the one we we’re expecting, it’s in the same neighborhood.

Feel free to come back any time you want, you can contact me with the links at the top, you can phone me directly on your cell phone, you can search all this on your cell phone, it’s very easy. I look forward to meeting you soon, bye. 

Contra Costa Property MLS Search Demo | Elizabeth Russo, Realtor


P.S. By way of the Realtor law, we are all required to post to the MLS and this is where my listings come from, it's a direct feed from the MLS. If you're searching elsewhere, you might be missing the listings that weren't posted there because the listing agent only posted to one place. Remember, all of my listings are up to date, because they pull from the official MLS. Let me know if you find anything you'd like to see? STRAIGHT UP, even if you have a question, I'm here for answers too.

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Liz is totally the best agent we have worked with. She is very resourceful and understands the market, the process and our needs really thoroughly. Liz is very professional and goes out of her way to get the right houses in front of us so we can make a informed decision. Our last agent just send us random machine generated emails- yea he thinks we are still working with him?
-Jagjit and Hardip Sahota, Alamo, CA 

Wow! This lady is great! Professional and smart. Yet looking at properties with her is like checking them out with your best friend. She even went through my offer process while she was on vacation and I can only say, if you want the best you need to call Elise!
-Deborah Szasz, Brentwood, CA

I am still in the early stages of buying a home, but so far I have been very happy with Elizabeth's help. I have been most impressed with how quickly she responds to texts and emails, and how she is able to get appointments to see homes in such a short time frame. I look forward to completing the home buying and selling process with her!
-Michelle McSherry, Martinez, CA