The biggest question I always get is, "Is this in a good neighborhood?"  But have you thought about the other things might kill the mood when searching for your ideal home? Here's what tops other shoppers home buying lists. #eastbay #privacy

Top Reasons They Say No:

  • The view angle from the backyard - I'd love to look at my garden, from all directions of the room.
  • Frontage length - I don't want people driving by to just look in my window, because there's nothing else to look at.
  • Backyard exposure to neighbors - Actually, don't want anyone just looking into my windows.
  • Privacy - Need I say it a third time ;-)
  • Backyard slope - If it faces downhill, it sort of makes you feel like the queen of your home.

It's no big shock we appreciate privacy above all.  When privacy matters most, go for a home with nature views.  See my favorite NATURE VIEW homes currently for sale: 

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What's in A Home Value?

What's in A Home Value?