This week's Infographic is brought to you by @RealtorDotCom. I want to know how come the X Generation is NOT represented in this?

My theory is, we're so independent you can't push us down with your thumb. :-)  Loads of options are important and being able to narrow them down quickly and accurately is more even important.  The occasional #HousePorn distraction is always welcomed.  My Mid-Century Modern House Porn gets the most talk on the phone.  Most website hits is for the Tiny House Porn.

I enjoy building my website in a way you don't have to click 200 places to see one thing.  I use the KISS philosophy, or I try any way.  I'm honest, upfront and stay knowledgeable with facts.  Most importantly, I take pride in keeping my clients best interests in mind.  It's not always about just purchasing a home, it's more about quality of life.  Staying educated in neighborhoods and real estate trends keeps my X Gen happy.  Over 40% of my website visitors are in the X Generation...

  • 35-44 years = 24.81% of my visitors
  • 45-54 years = 20.23% of my visitors

The Y Generation is generally coming to my website, because their parents sent them to me :) Love you Mama's looking out for her chicks.  You give me the most interesting conversations, and you are apart of the XGen too.  Your Y babies are looking for that first home with unrealistic ideas of how much they can afford or what list to sold prices mean.  I created a link for you called, Starter Homes - Detached Houses.  I have found the Y Generation doesn't care about the facts of the matter, if they can see themselves tinkering around at night, in the home they fell in love with.  I can actually see their hearts bouncing from their eyes when they love a home.  There's no stopping them.  If they don't win, the crash is very difficult.

  • 25-34 years = 19.68% of my visitors
  • 18-24 years = 06.01% of my visitors

The Boomer and Silent Generations are awesome too.  Part of the reason I started underlining my links, is so you know where to click.  I completely love that you'll call me on the phone, just to tell me where I'm lacking.  ...As you can see, I listen and implement.  I don't know you, never met you, but you talk to me like I'm your own dumbass kid.  Your favorite sites to look at are the, CLICK HERE: Retirement Community link and CLICK HERE: Single Story link.  I know I'll get at least one phone call from you letting me know "PORN" is a bad word OR a daring word.  It seems like I always have to prove it to you, but once I do, you force your whole entire family to fall in line *kisses*

  • 55-64 years = 17.20% of my visitors
  • 65+    years = 12.07% of my visitors

In the last 6 months, these are the age group percentages using my website:

  1. 35-44 24.81%
  2. 45-54 20.23%
  3. 25-34 19.68%
  4. 55-64 17.20%
  5. 65+ 12.07%
  6. 18-24 6.01%

What buyers are looking for.  Where's the X generation in this infographic?

What Buyers Want (ACCept X)