The photos just didn't look like the home?  Was it possible your Realtor tried to sneak this one in to the list of homes you wanted see? 

I offer interactive 3d tours to help sellers gain the most exposure of their home for sale.

OR the photos on that listing looked awesome, but they didn't come out so great, when that wasn't what you expected.

I feel badly for the seller when I see that same listing, months later, STILL on the market.

Discount real estate agents don't know how to set themselves apart from their competitors.  How in the world do you think they're going to set your most valued investment apart from the sea of homes just like yours? 

A while back, I got some awesome advice from a seller.  He said, "Kid, I don't want a bunch of options from a discount menu.  I just want you to sell my home for a lot of money. Give me your best packaged plan."

My interactive 3d tour is now apart of my best packaged plan to sell your home for the highest value in the least amount of time possible.  

Make contact with me when you're ready, ok?  I have a lot of fun marketing homes!  And I'm really good at it :-)

OH! Click here for an example of my interactive 3d tour.

Come by and say hi at any of my open houses!