My Favorite Homes for Sale

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Here're the homes coming up in my favorite search criteria. I asked to show me homes with a minimum of, 3 bedrooms up to 5 bedrooms, 6,000 sq ft lot, 1-2 story or split level, in specific towns, and I'd like a view of something. Personally, I love the culture and people who live in these towns.

Now, what I'd really love to live in, isn't anywhere on the market.  I might just have to build it...  I'd like to live in a work/live space.  My garage would be on the first level with two entrances one to my living quarters (upstairs / loft) and the other entrance into my work space, large enough to store all of my gear, a ping pong table, a big conference table, kitchen, break out spaces and a lot of natural light.  I don't want any bells and whistles, just a raw place that locks down like Knox to call home.  Thinking I should just get some land and stick a big warehouse on it. :-)

Seriously though,