Market Update:  My thoughts on the whole thing :-)

Good news! Mortgage rates are continuing to slide.  They've been moving down for about two weeks now.  You really should take advantage...  The lower rates mean your mortgage payments will be lower, and you can qualify for more of a home.

For me, the good news is, there was a 4% increase in people getting pre qualified to purchase a home!  Yeah!  Now, I can go out and visit more people looking to purchase.  I've been going after listings as of late, because the buyer's market has just been so slow.  Boring actually...  Seems like, I've been getting a higher than usual amount of buyers unable to make up their minds.

The wonderful thing seems to be, we've got loads of people finding jobs, even if they are from foreign States... btw, what's with the Texans stopping as they're getting onto the freeway!? O-M-G!  

We are beginning to see more homes for sale.  Awesome, buyers now have more options to choose from.  While you're here, don't forget to click: Personalize Your Search. You can watch the market by favoring homes and when they sell, I'll alert you of the final sales price.  When you're ready to go, so am I!  Be sure you make contact with me :-)

Mortgage Rates - Week ending 6/7/18:

30-Yr FRM
0.5 Fees/Points
15-Yr FRM
0.4 Fees/Points
5/1-Yr ARM
0.4 Fees/Points

If you're doing the San Francisco to East Bay commute, see how the market is turning in your favor, based on inventory and sales. Individual graphs for: Concord, Oakland, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Berkeley, Pittsburg, San Ramon:

Calif. Median Home Price: April 2018:

  • California: $584,460

  • Calif. highest median home price by region/county: San Mateo, $1,770,000

  • Calif. lowest median home price by region/county: Lassen, $155,500

Have a little time on your hands?  Check out some of my most favorite homes for sale, with nature views, in the East Bay Area CA:

Mortgage Rates: Week ending June 7, 2018

Don't forget to make contact with me when you're ready to purchase or sell a home.  I want to be your total home resource!