Hello to all of Tim and Elizabeth's favorite clients!

Interest rates have DROPPED in the past several weeks to their lowest levels in over 2 years! That is good news if you're going to enter a real estate market that seems to be going through a correction. If you got a loan in early 2019, you may want to explore refinancing to a better rate. If you're already in the adjustable phase of an older ARM, and you're seeing your rate resets above 5% now, it's a good idea to explore refinancing to a fixed product, which of course I can help with.

  • Low down/zero down buyers?- The CalHFA program offers loan programs with no down and no closing costs! Ask for details, in a less competitive market you may have a good opportunity to buy NOW!
  • Self employed borrowers- If you're looking to buy, I'm using 12 month bank statements programs to qualify using deposits and NOT looking at income tax returns, let me know if you might be interested in this?

Available to my office- HIGH balance up to $726,525 to 90% LTV even in NON high cost counties, like San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Sacramento, Solano, so basically ANY county in California, that didn't have the high cost limit, is now eligible for a high balance limit up to $726,525. This product is only available to a very select group of brokers, and I have it! Call me for the details!

CONDO's in litigation- YES I can do them, construction defects etc.. Let me know your scenario.

As always, have a safe and successful weekend and let me know how I can assist in smooth, efficient and timely loan closing! Also, let me know, Tim Hanford and Elizabeth Russo sent you too!

Thank you,

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