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Local Market Update - 7/6/18: Mortgage rates are getting better!

All Spring, when we're suppose to be setting the prices for the Summer, I was at a loss as to why we weren't selling more homes.  In reading, I found @FreddieMac believed our slow down to be the unusual run up in mortgage rates. 

Good news, they believe rates will be declining in the so short term, giving Millennials a little breathing room to purchase their first home.

We're now into our 10th year since the crash.  During this time home values made a slow recovery.  It's a good thing we have a whole new generation ready to purchase their first home, because we will see some more growth moving forward.

After a very boring 5 months, I am so excited to be out with more clients than ever.  I Is Elizabeth Russo a good Realtor?  Read what Google says...just closed escrow with the best couple from the San Francisco Peninsula. They decided to help their children purchase their first home.

We went out one time, looked at every available condo and town house in their criteria, picked one, bid on it, won the bid, did inspections and waited for the magic of the closing to happen...  Now, this morning, the demolition crew is there with our contractor, giving the tired home a facelift. 

Soon their children will have an almost new home to move into.  Exciting stuff.  It's nice to have a perfect escrow with the most perfect clients.  Did you know they watched ALL of my YouTube videos?  They treated me like a movie star.  It's bad enough my head is a little big... now it bobbles!  Oh, and they even wrote me a nice review :)

In the escrow of this home, I was so inspired to write a blog post exploring the importance of HOA dues.  I gave a little thought about how those terrible HOA's are forcing us to be a responsible community and in turn, they're protecting our home values:

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Mortgage Rates: Week ending July 5, 2018

Calif. Median Home Price: May 2018:

  • California: $600,860

  • Calif. highest median home price by region/county: San Francisco, $1,620,000

  • Calif. lowest median home price by region/county: Tehama, $197,500

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