My Favorite Contra Costa Homes with Land for Sale

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Ok, coming from a construction background, I still get a lot of clients looking for homes with a large lot, or just a lot of land.  Who isn't a fan of a little home on a large lot or just a big home on a large lot of ag land?  I personally grew up in a big home with ag land. I woke up during harvest with Italians yelling, to do this that or the other, our grapes were old vine zinfandel grapes, and we sold them to local wineries (grapa or vino?).  I fell in love with the culture, so much so, I married a 1st generation genius Italian straight from Sicily.

I really must tell you, I never understood there were so many different grape varietals, until I decided to volunteer at the local wine lounge to learn more... Here are my favorite residential agricultural homes with land in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties

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-Elizabeth Russo