"When's the best time to sell my home?"

If you have a garden, with blooms in the Summer or Spring, that is the best time to sell your home.  Everyone loves to think they'd love to have a garden. #SaturdayMotivation #gardeningtips

This is the biggest question I get from sellers prepping their home.  My answer is generally the same, "it depends on your home and the market."  If the market is right, and you have a wonderful garden, with blooms in the Summer or Spring, that is the best time.  Everyone loves to think they'd love to take care of a garden.

I personally think Mid Century Modern homes are the best for a garden.  The windows just bring the beauty directly into the house.  Check out current homes for sale, designed by architects like Roger Lee and Frank Lloyd Wright here: http://www.elizabethrusso.com/homes-for-sale/mid-century-modern/

Curb appeal is so important.  Let's face it, when you go out looking for home, do you think much of the ones that just have a driveway and weeds coming out all around the house?  And please, when the seller spray-paints the dead lawn...  It would be better to just put black bark down.  Maybe put a little flower in the middle?  At least this will give your buyers something more positive to talk about when trying to remember what home they liked best.

When the time comes to sell, make contact with me, ok?  I'd like to aggressively market your home to gain the most value in your sale.  Find the high, med and low worth of your home here: http://www.elizabethrusso.com/cma/property-valuation/

California Landscaping Yard Preferences 2018

Spring is in full bloom and for many people that means spending more time enjoying the outdoors and tending to their yards.

  • 91% of Americans have a yard.
  • 86% say it's important to have a living landscape and grass at their home.
  • More than 2/3 enjoy taking care of their yards.

What's popular in back yards?

  • 86% Grass
  • 80% Trees, bushes, and shrubs
  • 55% Gardens
  • 51% Hard pavers, cement, brick, patio
  • 47% Landscaping, rocks, or gravel
  • 43% Mulch
  • 32% Ground-cover