Home Design Dilemmas in Brentwood, CA

Design Dilemmas

Home trends come and go, but these are ones people are most likely to regret in 20 years, according to social media users (ie Reddit). 

Barn Doors

Commenters feel the use of these hanging doors is already starting to look dated.

Floating Shelves

Using these in lieu of cabinets requires the homeowner to always keep shelves tidy and to have gorgeous, matching dishes to pull off the look.

Pallet Wood Walls

Some equate the use of shiplap to wood paneling from the '70s.

Doorless Glass Showers

Although walk-in showers with no doors are growing more popular, commenters say the space needs to be closed up for practical reasons, like keeping the heat in.

Overusing White and Gray

Some feel the look is overdone.  Instead, they want more colorful interiors.