In February, we had no idea the boredom that would set in.  Trapped here with our loved ones and roommates, one can only begin to wonder if now is the best time to purchase or sell a home?  When I was a kid, our family lived in a redwood forest.  It came complete with weeks on end of rain.  This brought flash floods that knocked out bridges and everything. 

Elise Russo's Makeshift Gym 2020

I remember how our family would stock up for this season (about 30-days of supplies), then we'd sit and watch the unstoppable rain.  I'd play solitaire puzzles, do my homework with my mom, create cardboard/sheet mansions with my dad, and invent games that damn near killed my sisters and I.  To this day, my most favorite thing to do was, get a book read.  I loved immersing myself into an utopia.  Between lines, I'd look up to see the lightning strike and listen to the defining sound of rain.

There was a kid that I heard, she thought God was trying to take her picture when the lightening would strike.  I thought about things like this...  The season has come, I have my 30-days of food, cleaned my home, played my puzzles, and now it's time to do my homework.  We're in lock down now, so things are a little more difficult in general - You know, like listing your home for sale or purchasing a home.