I love that clients are always giving me their wish list.  I consider it one of the biggest complements when they sit across from me and ask me to pull out my crystal ball.  ...like they count on me to have the magic of Santa. 

@caisocial gave us a great infographic to show us the pros and cons (further down on this page), and I created a little video to help you understand the HOA differences:

Differences Between a Condo and PUD Homeowners Association

Does anyone really want to live in the ghetto?  Maybe they don't care, but if I handed them an extra 300k, they'd move out.  Actually, I believe they'd try and outrun the moving van to their new crib. My point, don't rent because you can't find something without HOA dues.  Don't wait for that single family home to never come. 

Invest in yourself and your future.  Pull the trigger and let someone help keep your investment safe. Give a little thought about how those terrible HOA's are forcing us to be a responsible community and in turn, they're protecting our home values.

Either way, Hakuna Matata!  Just know, when I'm riding on my sled, scouring the East Bay Area California, I'm looking for your perfect home, many times WITHOUT those pesky HOA dues or at least low ones.  Contact me when you're ready to pull the trigger, ok?  Remember, I want to be your Realtor.

Are HOAs bad news?