Every now and again I get a call from someone who saw a video on #HGTV or YouTube about tiny houses, and they want to see every tiny home for sale. After I send them a link, they call me back and are shocked, even ask if I'm holding back?! #Berkeley set up a personalized search and see for yourself, click here:

See all of the tiny houses in the East Bay Area CA

All I can say is, well, this shows there's a call to build.  We just don't have enough of what folks are looking for...  Buy a lot and get permission from your town to build a tiny house!

Click here to see all of the tiny houses in our area.

-Elizabeth Russo (Don't forget to create your personalized tiny home search)

If you're interested in Berkeley and Oakland markets, check my blog post on Inventory vs Sold: http://www.elizabethrusso.com/blog/oakland-and-berkeley-inventory-vs-sold-2018/

I also have a really neat instant home value link.  In the instant home value link, you can type in the address and get a high, medium, and low value of the home you're considering.