This might be one of the best times to sell your current home and purchase a replacement home in #Concord CA #EastBay

Today, I'm headed out to visit a client that's considering selling their home in Concord, CA.  I thought you might also find some of the information I compiled interesting?  Especially, if you're considering selling your home to purchase a replacement home.  Check out these 3 graphs + a bonus with me:

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The Market Absorption Rate shows how much time it'll take a Realtor to sell an average home. This is calculated by the number of active listings, divided by the number of sold listings in a given month.  You can see, a Concord home will take about 2 months to sell (from marketing to close of escrow), based on 12 months of data.  Remember, this figure can vary based on your specific neighborhood.  Contact me (link above), and we can talk about the specifics of your home.  Now, let's scroll to the next slide...

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Concord CA Market Absorption Rate May 2017- 2018


The Inventory and Sales shows us how many homes are currently for sale, within the last 12 months.  As you can see from the green (current inventory) vs the blue (current sales), homes are starting to stay on the market a lot longer.  Good news for buyers, you're getting back some of you negotiation power!  Next slide...

Here are a few of my favorite neighborhoods in Concord, click to see if there are any homes for sale: 


Concord CA Inventory and Sales May 2017- 2018


Here in the Sold Price vs Listings Sold, I pulled the information for the past year, and there's not as much inventory currently on the market, as months past.  Also, we are currently moving up in value.  As you can see from these three graphs, this might be one of the best times to sell and purchase a replacement home:

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Concord CA Sold Price vs Listings Sold May 2017- 2018

Bonus Graph laying it all out on the line for Concord, CA

Concord CA Market at a Glance 2018 Median Home Price, Price Per Sq Ft, Days on the Market, Sales to List Ratio, Hosing Units, Unsold Inventory Index

  • Median Home Price $606,000
  • Price per Sq Ft $391
  • Days on Market 9.0
  • Sales to List Ratio 102.2
  • Housing Units 115
  • Unsold Inventory Index 1.6

    3 Interesting Real Estate Graphs for Concord, CA