Walnut Creek Luxury HomesThe process of buying a luxury home is very different than your typical home purchase. It involves specialized marketing techniques, a different means of conducting home viewings and bringing in the best buyers, and a process of auctions to get your home sold at maximum dollar value.

It’s not a process that’s easily navigated by a novice trying to buy a luxury property for the first time, and expert help can go a great distance in getting you through. With that in mind, let’s explore three tips offered by expert realtors and investors for purchasing Walnut Creek luxury homes and walking away with the house of your dreams.

Resale Value Is Key to Future Profit

Among the first things to keep in mind when seeking a luxury house for sale is that you want strong resale value. Very few people in the modern era stay in one home for life, and the time may well come down the road that you want to sell the home to someone else.

What this means is that you should feel free to be demanding about the features the house has. Make sure it’s got all the most modern amenities so that you can minimize the number of upgrades you’ll have to do down the line.

Take Your Time on Several Visits

When you buy a normal home, you’re usually going to do a single walkthrough before you decide that yes, this is the house for you. There’s a lot more to buying a luxury property than normal real estate. You want to get a solid sense of the value of the home, whether it’s worth what you want to pay, and where to set your bid limit for the inevitable auction.

That means you should take your time and visit the house several times. Be thorough in your exploration, and find everything you can. The more knowledge you have about the property, the better prepared you’re going to be for the purchase.

Make Sure Your Realtor Knows the Biz

Obtaining your luxury home is going to require some serious negotiation and dealing. You want to have the services of a realtor who really knows the business, the area and who has outstanding negotiating skills. You may end up having to bid at auction, but you also will need to engage in some serious back-and-forth with the seller to get the best possible deal.

Living in Walnut Creek, CA, offers the best in luxury housing and a great neighborhood with wonderful people. Getting a home in this area, however, means working with a luxury Walnut Creek real estate agent who can get you an outstanding deal on the home you want. The right realtor can mean the difference between a struggle to purchase your next luxury property, and getting solidly into the home of your dreams.

Buying luxury property can be a struggle if you don’t know what you’re doing, but following a few expert tips can get you on the right path, and working with the right Realtor can take a lot of the pain out of the process.


When buying or selling a home, contact Elizabeth Russo, an experienced Walnut Creek Realtor.

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