Virtual home stagingStaging your home, quite simply, is making it look its best to attract the most potential buyers and help land you top dollar for the sale. It’s common wisdom that staging your home properly is key to selling your house quickly and for the best money possible. However, with the information age there are more ways to stage a house than ever before. These can be broken down into two broad categories: traditional staging and virtual staging.

With traditional staging, people come through your home and physically decorate the space. With virtual staging, the home is staged online, using virtual photo manipulation. Many people wonder how to stage a home, or which is the best option for preparing their house to sell at the best value? Explore the differences between traditional vs. virtual home staging, which works best in various situations, and how you can stage your home for sale.

What’s Involved in Traditional Home Staging?

Traditional home staging, while important for those people who will inevitably walk through your house, can cost a great deal in time and effort. With this form of presentation, home-staging companies will bring furniture in when tours are scheduled, for which you pay a monthly rental fee, and set up the home in an ideal layout.

The purpose is to show the home at its very best and help visitors imagine what it might look like when they take possession and move in. The process can be expensive, but beneficial to anyone selling a home.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Staging?

Staging a home online, on the other hand, costs far less money and can be done largely with photo manipulation. Professionals will take pictures of every aspect of your house while it’s empty, and then will insert photos of furniture and dressing into the empty home photos. These will always be there when people visit your home’s profile online, allowing them to get a feel for what the house will look like when decorated.

However, with virtual staging, there will be no furniture present when tours are conducted. This can be of benefit, however, since it allows people to get a look at the house both as it might be when furnished, and as a completely blank slate. For potential home buyers, this allows them to imagine their own ideas more easily for decorating the space.

Deciding whether to go with traditional or virtual staging of your home depends on a range of factors, and it can be tricky to decide which is best for your needs. It may well be that you go for a combination of both. You don’t have to make the choice alone, however. Contra Costa County Realtor services are a great way to find your way through the complexities of selling your home. If you’d like help with navigating the more confusing aspects of selling your home, Elizabeth Russo can help. Call today for more information and to get started.


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