House Hunting in Walnut Creek CaliforniaBuying a new luxury home should be a fun and exciting time. Unfortunately for many people, it’s also horribly stressful. It doesn’t have to be, however; you can enjoy the search for your next luxury property if you approach it in the right way. After all, this is the time when you get to visit tons of gorgeous homes and pick the very best one that suits all your needs!

It never hurts, however, to have a little expert help in your corner. Read these five tips for luxury house hunting in Walnut Creek California, and turn the stressful search into an exciting journey towards home ownership!

Make a List of Must-Have Features

Your first step in buying a luxury home - is to know what you want. Sit down and make a list of everything you consider a must-have feature in your new house. Make the list as extensive as you like. Then, start paring it down to the absolute necessities, your dream home features, and those that would be nice to have. Once you’ve got this list ready and prioritized, you’ll be better poised to start your search.

Find a Realtor Specialized in Your Target Neighborhood

The absolute best step you can take towards living in Walnut Creek, CA is to find a realtor who knows the neighborhood. You want an agent who is specialized in the area, who knows the people, the businesses, the schools, the taxes, and everything else about the region.

The more your Realtor knows, the more they can help you to properly strategize your purchase. Your real estate agent is going to be your closest ally during your home search, and you want one who really knows how to help you.

Buy to Sell as Well as Live

Luxury real estate, even more than any other kind of home purchase, is an investment. You’re buying not just because you want a great place to live, but because this luxury house for sale carries real value. The day may well come when you want to sell, and you’ll want property that will increase in value rather than depreciate. When buying your new luxury home, buy to sell as well as to live.

Make Several Trips

Luxury property is completely different than other houses. Don’t just visit a home once and decide it’s for you. Make several trips to the property to give yourself all the time you need to survey the property and consider all of your options. You need to be sure you’re making the right choice; after all, luxury property is a huge investment.

Take the Time You Need

On each visit to the home, take your time. Walk around and explore every corner. Re-visit all the places you’ve been and look for new ones you haven’t noticed before. Examine the place from top-to-bottom. Look for the things you love as well as the things that are not perfect. Get to know the feel of the place and the potential for any problems that might need to be addressed.

When you’re buying luxury property in Walnut Creek, make sure that you really are in love with the place you choose. Take your time, get to know the home and the neighborhood, and above all, work closely with your Walnut Creek buyer’s real estate agent like Elizabeth Russo. If you would like more information or are ready to start your search, contact Elizabeth today!


When buying or selling a home, contact Elizabeth Russo, an experienced Contra Costa County Realtor.

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