anti-theft tips when selling a home in Martinez CASelling your home is a stressful experience. Not only are you hoping to get as much money as you can for the property, you have to deal with the insecure feelings of dozens of strangers traipsing through the place when you’re not around. We all like to believe that people are generally honest, but all it takes is one bad person to do a lot of financial and emotional harm to you and your possessions.

Following some basic safety tips can help to add a little piece of mind and protect you against burglary during showings of the property. Explore some important anti-theft tips when selling a home in Martinez CA to keep your property and possessions safe from unscrupulous visitors.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

The first, and most obvious tip to keep your property safe when people are coming through to view your home, is to keep those valuables out of site. Remove them from easy access, keep them locked up and don’t leave any indications that they’re around. Whether it’s a hidden safe or putting them in secure storage somewhere, just get your valuables out of there. Have Your Neighbors Be Your Eyes

It’s unfortunate that in general we don’t have the relations with our neighbors that people once did. People tend to be more insular now than they once were. That being said, you do have neighbors and they might well be willing to help out if asked.

If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program, it might be a good time to establish one. Ask the people who live around you to keep their eyes out for suspicious characters and activity, and get in touch with you if they see anything.

Consider Lighting Controls

Is your property vacant? It might be a really good idea to install smart lighting controls. These systems are very popular among homeowners, and they can turn the lights on in different rooms at different times to make it look like the property’s occupied. Lighting systems like these, along with smart thermostats and other home controls are great ways to get more value out of the sale as well.

Keep It Locked Up Tight

One solid general security tip for keeping your home burglar-proof is to simply keep your home locked up tight. Even if you live in a neighborhood where crime is unheard of, consider using keyless entry systems to help prevent break-ins. If you’re not home, always keep your home locked and secured. Even if you are home — it’s still not a bad idea to lock up.

Security Systems Work

Finally, one of the more high-tech and useful means of keeping your home safe is to install a modern security system in your home. Not only do these work as deterrents against crime, they can be used to control your entire home, many even via mobile devices when you’re away.

Remember also that your expert realtor in Martinez California is a great resource. They’ve seen it all and they can help advise you on the best steps to take to make sure your home is safe when you’re not there, and when people are moving through to view the property. Selling your home should be exciting, not stressful, and these steps can help to keep it that way.


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